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Define Seoul beckons Seongsu

The inaugural design and art fair, Define Seoul, kicked off Wednesday, bringing together some 25 galleries and design brands from home and abroad in Seongsu-dong, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Seoul, home to hip cafes, intriguing pop-up stores and shops.

“Seoul is garnering unprecedented international recognition as one of the major art centers. Define Seoul encapsulates the idea of connecting design and fine art while redefining the way we perceive and engage with art,” said Jeong Seok-ho, managing director of Art Busan.

The five-day design art fair is the first event in Seoul launched by Art Busan, established in the port city of Busan 15 years ago. Define Seoul runs across three studios in the neighborhood -- Layer 27, Layer 41 and Andy’s 636.

Curated by designer Yang Teo, the first edition of Define Seoul took the theme of “A Look Within Matter.” Yang is presenting wooden craftworks by Na Jeom-soo and Park Hong-gu at the thematic exhibition, “Beautiful Endurance and Resonate Through Wood.”

“I believe without endurance, there cannot be works that resonate with us. The tree rings make you believe that no other matter can give a clearer image of ‘endurance’ like wood can,” said Yang.

Cheyul, a Korean heritage luxury brand, is showing mother-of-pearl and lacquer craftworks by Korean artists including lacquer artist Jeong Kwang-bok, whose hand-made wooden bags in the “Bible Series” and “Luxury Series” are presented at the brand's booth.

“We try to introduce talented Korean craft artists and artisans. We are planning to expand overseas soon," said Cheyul CEO Lee Jeong-eun.

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